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2018 NRC-REMSA Expo & Conference
Los Angeles, CA – J.W. Marriott L.A. – Booth #108
1/10/18 to 1/13/18
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Messe Berlin, Germany – Hall 7.1A – Booth #202
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Long-Range Digital and Blind-Spot Visibility

Onboard Positive Switch Position Confirmation, Alerts of Unforeseen Track Obstructions, and All Weather and Blind Spot Visibility

AVANTE created a safety “envelope”, or “moving block system or communication based control system” that  provides visibility and moves with the train in meeting the basic mandates of Positive Train Control (PTC):

1. Speed protection and restriction:
  • Each rail line block is individually geo-tagged with a specific speed limit monitored by both onboard AVANTE & RELAYER-CONTROLLER.
  • Automatic activation of the braking system to slow or stop the train after a defined period of buzzer alerts to the train engineer.
2. Integrated Onboard and Track Side Blind Spot Visibility System to Prevent On Track Collisions:
  • High resolution and long range optical Infrared Radar (Doppler) imaging provides up to 5 kilometers visibility, onboard computer as well as automatic alerts and control.
  • Track side AVANTE Visibility System located at blind spots for complete visibility.
3. Track Integrity and Switch Point Sensor Network to Provide Additional Safety:
  • AVANTE Rail Track Integrity Sensors provide round-the-clock monitoring of rail gauge, rail distortion and destruction reported in real-time to alert oncoming trains.
  • AVANTE Switch Point Monitoring Sensor Device provides real-time data on switch point positions independently to oncoming trains as well as the control center.