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Many important arts-antiques-collectibles are in private collections with limited security provisions.

AVANTE patented Real-time Location System (RTLS) with Active RFID asset tags monitors your fine art, paintings, antiques and other valuable collections every second of every day.  Using non-destructive sensors, AVANTE’s RTLS provides unparalleled visibility of the position, movement, ambient light level, temperature and humidity of specific pieces of art.

The RFID ZONER™ tag is small and low profile so it can be attached covertly and non-destructively to the critical parts of the art.  Multi-sensor data collection coupled with closed circuit video monitoring, the IP-based RFID monitoring solution provides real-time multi-layer security and safety data to your monitoring centers anywhere, anytime.

The system is as effective when installed in homes and estates, or on yachts at sea with the data periodically communicated via GPRS and Satellite communications when land line communication is not available.  AVANTE RELAYER™ readers provide direct communication independent of any existing system as well as provide input to existing communication infrastructure.

AVANTE ASSET-GUARDIAN™ system installs without detailed site survey or expert evaluation and scales for different physical areas and complexity.

ASSET-GUARDIAN™ art security system uses robust IP-based communications and built-in wireless redundancy in addition to interfacing with an existing security system:

  • The RTLS is IP-based and data can be monitored from anywhere at anytime.
  • Communications are normally fed directly and synchronized with other security systems but also reported independently whenever there are exceptions.
  • Monitoring software uses .NET web-based framework to provide seamless and easy integration via web services with legacy and other security systems.
  • On-demand, real-time reporting is a common feature on all personnel RFID ZONER™ badges in case of emergency.
  • This system works around-the-clock, independent of other security systems.  The RFID ZONER™ tag and badge batteries last at least 5 years.
  • AVANTE also provides backup data center monitoring for redundancy/data archiving for customers.
  • The cost for the system, installation and services are minimal in comparison to security staff.

Video monitoring systems require attentive security staff at all times, which is not practical or realistic for private collectors.  AVANTE ASSET-GUARDIAN™ is designed to address this situation.