Student Safety/Visibility upon Entrance or Exit of Bus and School

A safety and visibility plan should be flexible, adapting to the social and security requirements of local communities.

AVANTE Personnel Visibility and Real-Time Transportation Visibility System is designed to accommodate the sensitive balance of privacy and security.

  • A short read range of a few inches using secure passive RFID smart cards or keyfobs are used for most US schools.
  • A combination of active and passive RFID cards and keyfobs may be used where more automatic data capturing is preferred.

In the case of more automated data capturing, the AVANTE personnel visibility system incorporates the following innovations to achieve both privacy and safety in the case of students in transit and on school grounds:

  • Short range ZONER™-GPID badge signals allow the RELAYER™-RTLS readers to record students entering or leaving school buses.
  • The same short-range signal of 10-20 ft read distance also provides nodal visibility of students in school grounds when they enter or exit the school.
  • The passive RFID tag inside the ZONER™-GPID badge can be used for special access control and as a debit card.
  • The same driver, teacher and staff ZONER™-SSID badges may be programmed to provide real-time visibility at all times to ensure accountability of all operations involved with students.
  • In case of emergency, the ZONER™-GPID badge can be activated “on-demand” by students or by the system administration to provide full real-time location of the students within the school grounds.