Hotel Worker Protection Safety Solution

AVANTE PAVS-600: A Proven Specialized Panic Button Response and Precision Location System in Providing Safety and Protection to Hotel Maids and Workers in Hotel and Hospitality Environments:

PAVS-600 is an advanced Response and Location System which offers unparalleled capability to locate hotel maids, workers and staff members with room-level  accuracy when they press their personal panic button. It is designed with redundant technologies to locate the person in need of help anytime, anywhere, within the hotel’s facilities in case of sexual assults and other injuries.

Privacy-Ensured Solution

The tracking of hotel maids and hotel workers only begins when a staff member presses their discreet panic button. Location of staff is never tracked or monitored except in an emergency.

The hotel worker safety solution with personnel badge will only activate for real-time locating upon the pressing of the panic button by the hospitality workers only.

Automatic and Customized Distribution of Help

Once the panic button is pressed, the position of personnel in distress is transmitted immediately to the front desk or security command center.  Within minutes, SMS text, text to voice, email and/or local alarm alerts are sent automatically, in any combination to any number of people as decided by management

Independent Communication Network

PAVS operates on its own communication network with wired and wireless elements, on a dedicated frequency.

Once the panic button on the AVANTE  ZONER badge is pressed, the system identify the room that the hotel worker is in and notify security and hotel management for actions.


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Hotel Panic Button and Safety System for Maids and Staff

AVANTE Hotel Worker Safety System has been deployed and proven in complex New York City hospitality environment in providing alerts for actions upon demand by the workers initiation with the panic button. The hospitality safety system is an extension of the patented AVANTE RFID sensor solution that have been used in various environments for many years. The privacy of the hospitality workers are strictly protected.


  • Hotel maids, workers and staff badges are equipped with a panic button to summon help via several modes of communication, as desired.
  • Once initiated, the PAVS-600 badge transmits location data once per second to an array of inconspicuously installed Monitors.
  • The position of each individual is accurate to 5 meters and is room-specific. Staff badges can be assigned randomly and anonymously, or to specific staff members as appropriate. Embedded motion-shock detectors will alert if a badge is removed from staff or the wearer falls or is incapacitated.
  • Ideal to protect hotel maids for sexual assaults and other injuries.

AVANTE ZONER hotel panic button for the Hotel Worker Safety Protection includes LED light color changes from normal state to alert state upon initiation by the hospitality workers.


  • Optional emergency evacuation management leverages the infrastructure installed with the simple addition of optional sensors.

In case of emergency, if the option is elected, the AVANTE hotel panic button can be used to help the first responder to hotel emergency to locate all of its workers and with optional enhancement, also the visibility of occurpancy in each room in rescuing the hotel guests.


  • Asset tags with multiple sensors can use the same monitoring and communication network for ensuring security of valuable furnishings, art and equipment. Real-time location of refrigerators, etc. is a low cost add-on.

AVANTE Monitoring System can be extended to includes critical assets protection with additional asset tags and enclosure security electronic seals.


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