Hotel Panic Button

  • Unobtrusive design keeps help within arms reach without getting in the way of day to day work
  • Designed to be compatible with your existing WiFi network
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 48 hours with a single charge
  • Location is only reported when panic button is pressed to ensure the privacy of maids, housekeepers, lone workers etc.

Panic Alarm System

  • Exact location of incidents are transmitted instantly
  • Hotel client application can display location on a floor plan or integrate with existing security or surveillance software
  • Fully auditable activity logs ensure incidents are responded to and documented properly

Hotel Panic Alarm Sensor

  • Passive devices function without maintenance for over five years
  • Installed by experts to ensure 100% coverage within your facility
  • Inconspicuous, simple design minimizes the chance of tampering by guests

HoTel Panic Button System

The key to hotel worker safety is to provide positive response and action whenever a request for help is made

1. Push

Once a request for help is activated through the panic button by a lone worker, the panic button provides for accurate location of the worker in need of help

2. Locate

The badge scans its vicinity for nearby panic alarm sensors and transmits data in real-time to the server

3. Alert

Alerts are sent to hotel security or management via push notification, email or text message. The server shows the building’s floor plan and identifies exactly where the button was pressed. Until the alert is dismissed, the system will track the distressed hotel worker and display a “breadcrumb trail.”

4. Respond

Hotel staff or emergency services are dispatched to respond to the emergency and provided with ongoing updates as to the location and movement of the distressed worker.

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Avante has been providing our customers with safety and security systems for over twenty years. Our commitment to provide worker safety systems lead us to a solution with location accuracy, down to the room level, with our Hotel Panic Button System.  

Our panic buttons are used in hotels throughout New York City and across the United States. The panic button can be customized to fit your facility, big or small and ensuring your workers are kept safe from harm.

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