Enhancing Healthcare with RFID Technologies


Some or all of the following applications are covered by one or more of the following US patents:

7,513,425; 7,508,308; 7,501,954; 7,423,535; 7,382,255; 7,342,497; 7,319,397; 7,158,030; 7,098,793; 7,036,729; 6,961,000; 6,943,688; 6,883,710; 6,703,935; 6,696,954; 6,657,543; and other pending patents. AVANTE SMART-TRAKKER™

Medical Assets and Supplies Visibility Management System AVANTE SMART-TRAKKER™ facilitates data communication between assets and supply chain partners and stakeholders. It is a real-time locating and monitoring application package that is built on the state-of-the-art Microsoft .NET framework. This secure browser based software application runs on the Microsoft Windows Servers. It provides unparalleled configuration control flexibility and tools to fully maximize the visibility of tracked assets and supplies.

The value of this system lies in its low cost means of achieving real time locating capability using the AVANTE patented RFID technology. It’s based on dynamic zoning using dynamic signal strength readings from the RFID ZONER™ tag transmitted ID’s within range of mobile RFID RELAYER™ readers or a grid of fixed monitors. It also incorporates the use of on-tag patent-pending “relational check code” and relaying protocol that provides both open and closed applications for higher data integrity and system security.

AVANTE SMART-TRAKKER™ RTLS and monitoring service helps to reduce spoilage, speeds recalls, and eliminates the need for search efforts and audits while maintaining real time accurate inventory and asset management.

AVANTE RFID ZONER™ tags transmit data periodically with fixed signal strength RELAYER readers and monitors and utilizes our patented triangulation algorithms to achieve real-time location accuracy to within as little as a two foot radius. The mapping by the RELAYER™ readers and monitors of tag and badge positions is overlaid on floor plans or site plans as appropriate for quick visual reference. A hand scanner with adjustable sensitivity is used to determine the exact location of the item for retrieval in the case of small items such as a medication bottle on a shelf among many others.

An additional benefit is the ability of the system to incorporate temperature and light sensing tags inside refrigeration units, which can push alerts via web, email, voice or SMS text messages when temperatures go out of the permissible range or a door is left open for too long a period.

Enhancing Healthcare with RFID Technology

AVANTE has developed a series of RFID and biometric based solutions to enhance healthcare industry safety and efficiency:
  • Real-Time Location System for tracking important medical assets within 3-5 feet within hospitals and clinics.
  • Point-of-care verification of medication and treatment for the proper patient, the correct dosage at the right time, and administered by an individual with proper management authorization.
  • Real-Time Inventory System for critical medical supplies.
  • Medical supply chain pedigree management and detection of counterfeit drugs.

Counterfeit Detection A

Printed labels and barcodes can be easily replicated and lend themselves for counterfeiting.

Counterfeit Detection B

Expensive and specialized drugs are counterfeited more often than others and can cause irreparable harm to the patient.

AVANTE’s patented RFID technologies enable automatic data capture in realtime for supply chain and asset tracking.

Systems for Healthcare

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