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FAQs on Container Security & Visibility

Frequently Asked Questions on Container Security System and Services and Supply Chain Visibility Management

How does the AVANTE Container Security and Visibility System “Real-Time Locating and Monitoring” system work?

  • Preferably two or more AVANTE active RFID (ZONER™-CTID) tags are placed and sealed inside the cargo container. An active RFID RELAYER-CTOR™ reader-monitor is placed inside the ridge area of the container outside the door.
  • Each ZONER™-CTID emits an ID signal burst at known discrete identified power levels every few seconds synchronized with the RELAYER™-CTOR reader-monitor.
  • If the door of the container is opened or walls of the container are penetrated, the signals (RSSI) from the ZONER™-CTID tags are “heard” by the outside container RELAYER™-CTOR reader-monitor. These signals are compared to the output when the door is closed. When the door is closed and with no wall tampering, low RSSI will be “heard” by the monitoring RELAYER™-CTOR reader outside the container.
  • Acts of tampering or other exceptions are immediately reported to the proper custom authorities. If a video-monitoring infrastructure is incorporated, tampering triggers direct frame capturing from relevant cameras and tags it for review by port and customs authorities.
  • Separate fixed site monitoring RELAYER™-RTLS reader-monitor networks are installed in loading ports, loading dock warehouses, and onboard the ships and communicates with the RELAYER™-RTLS reader-monitors on the containers.
  • A tampered container may be inspected before arriving at the port to prevent mass destruction or to inspect for losses.

How much will it cost to install a RELAYER™ network for a ship that holds 3000 containers?

  • A reasonable estimate is to place an AVANTE RFID RELAYER™-RTLS reader-monitor every 100 meters to form a monitoring network.
  • For the largest carriers, about 6-10 RELAYER™-RTLS reader-monitors is adequate to form a real-time locating capable grid. Double the number if a two-layer network is preferred.
  • The data and communication center also requires a sealed and secured satellite communication “GREEN BOX” that interfaces with the RFID monitoring network. The total cost to furnish the largest ships is estimated to be less than $80,000.

How much will it cost to install a RELAYER™ reader-monitor real-time locating and monitoring network on a port terminal yard covering 2.5 square miles (4 square kilometers)?

  • Estimate a RELAYER™-RTLS reader-monitor every 100 meters in a grid, or 400 RELAYER™-RTLS reader-monitor units for a comprehensive network.
  • To cover the yard costs less than $800,000.
  • The estimated total system cost including hardware and software for covering a facility of this size would be less than $2,000,000 including installation and training.

How much will it cost to use the ZONER™ and RELAYER™ devices on a single trip per container?

  • AVANTE provides leasing of its RFID ZONER™-RELAYER™ for end-to-end tracking and monitoring of high value and critical shipment.
  • The cost of each ZONER™-CTID tag including onboard temperature, light and shock sensors is available upon request. AVANTE recommends using two devices for each container.
  • Each RELAYER™-CTOR onboard reader-monitor is available upon request.
  • The battery is engineered to have a useful life of more than 5 years communicating at 1-second intervals for both ZONER™-CTID tags and RELAYER™ reader-monitors.
  • Each ZONER™-CTID tag and RELAYER™-CTOR reader-monitor is embedded with a magnet for easy place-and-play “installation”.
  • There is a cost for service provided by a designated “public independent monitoring agency” (PIMA) to handle device placement and data monitoring.
  • The overall cost for a standard container should be cost effective for high value and critical shipments.
  • The cost for higher-risk containers including more extensive sensors may require pre-loading monitoring services. The cost may be higher.

What are the benefits of the AVANTE Container Security and Visibility System?

  • Real-time reporting to port authorities of any tampering into or inside containers.
  • Third party “public independent monitoring agency” (PIMA) as the data-clearing house for all tagged containers.
  • Effectively provides 100% inspection of all containers.
  • Reduces theft and inventory shrinkage.
  • 24/7 real-time container and supply-chain visibility.
  • End-to-end automatic container chain-of-custody tracking.

What are the advantages of the AVANTE Container Security and Visibility System versus the “smart container” using e-seals?

  • The current e-seal technologies place seals on the outside of the container leaving them susceptible to “smart” insider tampering.
  • Outside and single e-seal technologies that monitor locks or gaskets on the door are more susceptible to false alarms and do not alert if walls have been penetrated.
  • The detection of any e-seal tampering is only made when the containers arrive at the destination port.
  • Multiple ZONER™-RELAYER™ system devices placed inside and outside the container are more robust against all kinds of tampering.
  • The use of a low cost REAL-TIME LOCATING AND MONITORING network provides continuous point to point security onboard the carrier, at all port terminals, and in the storage yards.

How fast can one place the ZONER™ tags in the container?

  • ZONER™ devices are equipped with self-attaching magnets that can be placed at random positions anywhere inside the container.
  • Because of the long battery life of both the ZONER™ tags and RELAYER™ reader-monitor, they can be “permanently” attached to the each container to provide supply-chain visibility at negligible cost.

Can the ZONER™ devices and RELAYER™ network be used in trains or other non-metallic containers?

  • AVANTE has a specialized shielded ZONER™ device that can be placed in insulating containers.
  • Each device is positioned on the container door so that the shield will be open when the door is opened. Redundant devices are recommended and placed in several different positions to prevent false alarms or insider tampering.

AVANTE Container Transport Security System and Services

AVANTE provides web-based 24/7 end-to-end tracking services of cargo using its RFID ZONER™-RELAYER™ container security devices, carrier-based and yard based fixed site communication links, and association of personnel badges to provide cargo container visibility and security management.

Leasing a set of SMART-TRAKKERS™ consists of:

  • One set of RFID ZONER™-RELAYER™ container security devices (two ZONER™-CTID tags and one RELAYER™-CTOR)
  • Three personnel ZONER™-SSID badges
  • One carrier-based communicator of RELAYER™-CTCR (equipped with GPS, GPRS and SATCOM).
  • Optional fixed site installation of networks of nodal and real-time locating system of RELAYER™-RTLS readers along the supply chain.
  • Flexible service charges based on scheduled regular reporting and real-time exception reporting. This cost effective supply chain security system and visibility solution does not require capital investment. Return of investment (ROI) in using this patented transport security system is immediate and can be tailored to your specific requirements.