• Elections and Voter Registration

    Ballot counting, voting and biometric registration systems

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  • Art and Valuables Security

    Object-based security system for real-time monitoring of art and valuables

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  • Personnel Safety and Security

    Wearable sensors for real-time worker safety and security monitoring

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  • Supply Chain Security

    Container tracking systems with sensor-based e-seals for real-time monitoring and alerts

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  • Train and Cargo Management

    Web-based train and cargo management system

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AVANTE has more than 15 years of history of innovations with the use of smart cards and RFID for personnel and product security. The company was the first to provide smart card electronic access control systems and the first RFID solution tradeshow and event attendance management system in the 90’s. AVANTE was first to use a combination of active RFID and secure passive RFID technology in a single ISO card size personnel badge for personnel and assets visibility with advanced electronic access control management system and real-time locating system (RTLS) capability which can be activated either by the individual in need of help, or centrally activated to speed emergency evacuation and management.avantelogo_w_reflection1



The company was also the first to develop the use of radio frequency electromagnetic signal strength ratio as received (RSSI) for cargo transport monitoring and cargo tracking using RFID devices with different sensors placed inside the cargo container to provide intrusion detection from all six sides of a cargo container and trailer. The cargo tracking solution also provides data of temperature, shock and moisture inside the container box. The outside reader-monitoring RELAYER is equipped with GPS for geo-location and Cellular(GPRS) and/or Satellite communications (SATCOM) to provide real-time alerts when exceptions or intrusions occur. The system also associates the driver and other transportation staff via the use of personnel ZONER badges to the shipping process to provide a holistic view of the end-to-end supply chain security. The patented AVANTE Supply Chain Security Monitoring Solution provides a true real-time end-to-end container intrusion detection and cargo tracking solution rather than choke-point visibility. The enhanced cargo security and safety pays for itself in reducing thefts and adjudicating losses for ocean, air, and cold-chain and supply chain cargo container shipping. Many aspects of the Cargo Tracking Solution and particularly for hazmat applications have been tested and verified by the EPA EVT program.

The U.S. EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV) provides credible performance data for innovative commercial-ready environmental technologies to help speed their implementation for the benefit of purchasers, permit holders, vendors, and the public. Additional information is available on the ETV Web Site at www.epa.gov/etv

In the years since 2010, AVANTE teams have deployed its technologies and solutions in projects customized for special operation environments in many countries in Africa, Asia, South America and domestically in United States. Some of the more notable projects includes the following:

    • Biometric voter registration system incorporating fingerprint biometrics and designed hardware with capabilities to function without direct AC power for more than 16 hours. More than 22,000 units are deployed in Nigeria.
    • Artwork theft prevention and monitoring system for high value antiques and arts deployed in United States. Real-time visibility for all artwork is tracked with the use of RFID-based sensor network coupling with video monitoring.
    • Election results transmission and dissemination system for the General Election in Uganda. Close to 10 million votes were consolidated and diseeminated to the public in real-time
    • Real time personnel visibility and RTLS for high security embassy in Middle East. This system also provides the executive protection capabilities while they are outside of the compound with the use of specialty RFID based real-time locating system coupling with GPS-GPRS-Satellite communication capability.
    • Parallel election results tracking system for the General Election in Angola. AVANTE team provides the capability for competing parties to confirm the election results in real-time using the geo-tagged data transmission and communication using the combination of cellular and satellite network.
    • Extreme privacy and security controlled paper survey solution uses by government agencies in United States. This special application of the patented technology with unparalleled accuracy is similar to the OMR based optical scan election system.
    • Web-based rail cargo and rail operation management system deployed in Africa. The system uses web-based technologies in providing real-time visibility of cargo shipping operation across the national railway. AVANTE designed and customized RFID-based sensor network and GPS-GPRS-Satellite technologies for real-time cargo booking, loading, unloading, locating, delivery, payment collection, wagon shunting and rolling stock maintenance management, train and crew scheduling, fuel level and usage monitoring, communication capabilities using cellular and satellite platform, and other rail operation management. Additional optional capabilities includes: e-sealing of cargo wagons and containers for real-time cargo security monitoring and track integrity monitoring. With the use of video-infrared-Doppler Radar technologies coupling with the real-time visibility of all trains on the same track and rail workers in proximity, and bi-direction communications and visibility of other activities on the same track for the train engineers, AVANTE Rail Cargo and Rail Operation Management System provides the state-of-the-arts positive train control solution (patent-pending) that is applicable in United States as well as emerging economies with legacy rail systems.

AVANTE International Technology, Inc. is a private company with headquarters located in Princeton, NJ. The company pioneered, patented and marketed the first voter verified paper record (VVPR) (sometimes known as voter-verified paper ballot, VVPB or voter-verified paper audit trail, VVPAT) for electronic voting. AVANTE was also the first in providing captured ballot images as part of electronic audit-to-paper ballot tabulation and quantitative pixel counting of marked ballots, for scoring of exams, standardized tests and tabulation of market and opinion surveys with less than 1 error in 1,500,000 marks.

AVANTE is proud to be a company that develops innovative products and implements its own solutions. We have an experienced staff of hardware engineers, software developers, and implementation specialists located in the United States of America, the Republic of the Philippines, Hong Kong and Shenzhen China.

It is the vision of the company to develop and market innovative products and services that have unparalleled advantages over existing solutions and to recognize and satisfy unmet needs for technological solutions in a changing world. AVANTE has more than 60 granted and pending patents in our portfolio with more than 20 in electronic and paper optical voting solutions and others in RFID applications, IT security solutions using biometric signature capture and authentication, web-based registration system capturing biometrics, cargo container intrusion detection and monitoring, access control with personnel real-time visibility and on-demand RTLS visibility along with many other solutions.

AVANTE, its sister company AI Technology, Inc. (AIT) and PanaSec Inc. are extremely proud of our contributions to our community’s democracy, safety and security and our ability to contribute to the success of our customers.

AVANTE has extensive experience and expertise working on projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America. We were recently awarded the Export Achievement Certificate from the US Department of Commerce.