Supply Chain & Pedigree Management

“Relational-Check-Code” on tag ensures data integrity and authenticity against tampering and “copying” of RFID tags (US 6,961,000; “Smart tag data encoding method”)
“Pedigree” tracking of manufactured products through the distribution channel prevents counterfeiting and ensures safety and security of products and trades (US 6,883,710; 7,036,729; “Article tracking system and method”)
The use of tamper-resistant tags and labels technology (US 6,421,013) further prevents any “recycling” use of RFID tags to prevent theft, counterfeit, and tampering for a more secured supply chain management.
The use of RFID’s for “medical assistance and tracking method and system employing smart tags.” (US 7,098,793; 7,158,030)


Pharmaceutical drug and medical supply chains are under attack from counterfeiters all over the world. AVANTE has developed a series of RFID and biometric based solutions to enhance the security of this critical supply chain:
  • End-to-end pedigree management through the use of RFID technologies (US 6,883,710; 7,036,729 and other pending US patents)
  • Use of on-tag “relational check code” (public and/or private) and physical tampering evidence to ensure authenticity and prevent undetected tampering of drugs and supplies. (US 6,961,000; 6,421,013 and other pending US patents).

Printed labels and barcodes can be easily replicated and are susceptible to counterfeiting.

Expensive and specialized drugs are counterfeited more often than others and can cause irreparable harm to the patient.