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Rail Switch Position Sensor Network

Independent Electronic Sensor Network for Monitoring Switch Point and Main and Branch Line Closure in Supplement to the Switch Interlocking Data


Real-Time Visibility of Switch Position and Any Discrepancy to the Train Engineer-Driver and Onboard Computer Controlled System is a Supplement to the Same Visibility in the Monitoring Control Center

Rail Safety Enhancement and Real-Time Exception Alerts with Sensor-Based Rail Switch Point Monitoring Sensor Devices:

While most rail accidents that are attributed to switch or switch point errors are human attention issues, some of the accidents are due to minor spacing between the switch rail and the main rail. In some cases, tampering of the switch also caused major accidents.  However, whether the rail switch induced accidents are attributed to human attention deficit or mechanical errors in switch closure, a sensor device in electronically monitoring the actual position of the switch point and its gap that are communicated to both the monitoring center and oncoming trains with suitable automatic alerts and control can reduces or eliminate such accidents.

  • AVANTE designed a switch monitoring device that measured and report the actual position of the switching rail point and the main or branch track to detect and report any spacing.
  • If gap between the intended switch point is beyond spacing that may cause accidents, the AVANTE Sensor Network will generate real-time alerts to the monitoring center and the oncoming trains.
  • Onboard computer receiving such data will generate alert to the train driver and may also automatically engage the braking system if the train engineer driver does not take the appropriate action.
  • AVANTE Rail Switch Point Monitoring Device provides 24/7/365 electronic monitoring of the rail track switch position and closure to the onboard computer for intelligent decision based on its intended route. The right switch position for the going route will provide “green light” confirmation while any discrepancy will trigger a red alert and engage automatic braking when needed.
Rail Switch Position Visibility

Independent Switch Point Sensor/Reporting for Enhanced Rail Safety:

The interlocking system between the track switch and signal have been used for over one hundred years. Manual and electro-mechanical switches, while interlocked, do not provide data or verification of the actual closure. This pertains to when the switch is thrown for a planned branch of rail.

  • AVANTE Rail Switch Position Monitoring Device provides real-time independent confirmation to the switch point and its closure integrity.
  • Switch point data is reported to both the central monitoring center as well as oncoming train.

Customizable Alerts and Automatic Brake Control

  • AVANTE Rail Switch Point Monitoring Device will generate alerts for switch point incomplete closure error in real-time.
  • The switch point position data can be used in the central monitoring center and also directly interfaced with onboard PTC control for real-time automatic alerts and control.