Avante Livestock Trakker™


  • LOW-COST Tagging and tracking individual animals at less than $1 each when passive RFID is applicable.
  • High value livestock monitoring with additional functionality: temperature and heart rate (pulse) can be monitored 24/7 at a cost of less than $3 for each animal life-cycle.
  • Meet and exceed all requirements of the United States Animal Identification Plan (USAIP).
  • Automatic data capturing for ease of compliance.
  • Full pedigree data of each animal.
  • Full medical and relocation history of each animal from birth to processing/sale.
  • Lowest cost of ownership in usage.
  • Convert the USAIP to a profit center rather than a cost center.


  • Patented reliable and robust RFID tags at 13.56 MHz based on ISO 15693 and EPC.
  • Tags of different form-factors at a cost of less than $1 to less than $0.25 each.
  • Patented antenna arrays of all sizes and shapes for chutes, barns, etc. for automatic data capturing that eliminates all manual labor.
  • Low cost stationary and handheld readers.
  • Software for compliance to the USAIP with management data for patented pedigree tracking.
  • Low power active RFID ZONER™ tag at < $10 each (reusable and reprogrammable with new ID for over 5 years) and $200 RELAYER™ reader for real-time locating and health monitoring (temperature and pulse) monitoring applications.