Election Management System

AVANTE patented verifiable voting solutions with proven accuracy are configured with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware of computers, printers, and document imaging scanners with flexibility to accommodate election and voting methods of:

AVANTE’s 7-module system at a glance:ems-modules-desktop-200

Election Management System is the heart of AVANTE voting solutions. Contests and candidates are entered once and the integrated EMS will generate DRE electronic ballots, absentee and precinct based ballots with all of the ballot styles.ems-modules-fitted-main-200

These patented solutions are developed and proven with the most stringent accuracy and integrity requirements in mind to accommodate the spectrum of complex elections in USA, South America and others as well as more common and simpler parliamentary and presidential elections in Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The AVANTE Election Management System (EMS) is a robust, easy-to-use 7-module system.

It requires no programming experience and guides you through your election process swiftly and securely. Whether you are loading your party information, candidates, and contests, generating absentee or optical ballots, or tallying your results at the end of an election day, AVANTE’s EMS fits your every need.

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