AVANTE’s Election Management System

Our Solution is the most comprehensive, proven, auditable and verifiable system that meets all credible election needs.

Founded with the goal to minimize voter and system errors while providing transparency, verifiability and auditability to voting registry and elections worldwide.  AVANTE’s solution is unparalleled, with the highest degree of security and accuracy.


These proven auditable solutions are configured with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware of computers, printers, and document imaging scanners with flexibility to accommodate election and voting methods of:

  • Counting voter marked ballots in precincts under public observation
  • Counting voter marked ballots in counting centers with specific and limited precincts under public observation
  • Counting voter marked and mailed-in ballots in central counting headquarters under public observation
  • Counting ballots marked by automatic “ballot-marking-devices” under public observation
  • Automatic “ballot marking devices” as “direct recording electronics”(DRE) with “voter-verified paper ballots”

Touch Screen Voting

These patented independently verifiable and auditable election solutions and systems are developed and proven with the most stringent accuracy and integrity requirements in mind to accommodate the spectrum of complex elections in USA, South America and others as well as more common and simpler parliamentary and presidential elections in Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Besides participating in election systems and solutions in US and abroad, AVANTE implemented the Biometric Voter Registration Solution in the 2011 General Election of Nigeria and Election Results Transmission and Dissemination System in the 2011 Generation Election of Uganda.

The Electoral Commission is to be commended for meeting best international practices by publishing election results polling station by polling station, which ensures full transparency as well as greater confidence and trust in the results for Uganda’s citizens. The introduction of electronic transmission of results from district tally centres to the National Tally Centre marked a further improvement.” (THE European Union Election Observation Mission EU EOM Preliminary Report; http://www.newvision.co.ug/D/8/459/747142)(This is the work of AVANTE partnering with local ICT company MFI)

AVANTE participated in the Biometric Voter Registration exercise in the 2011 General Election. The registration and other election integrity improvements implemented by INEC ensured the newly elected President Goodluck Jonathan could carry out reforms and policies with unchallenged mandates.

AVANTE’s line of products starts and finishes with an easy to use Election Management Software system that enables jurisdictions of all sizes to manage and run their own elections successfully with end-to-end verifiable integrity and without direct assistance from their vendor.

Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) with Voter Verified Paper Ballot Record and Audit Trail (VVPAT,VVPR, VVPB; US 7,461,787; 7,431,209; 7,422,150; 7,036,730)

  • Full-face 42″ and 30″ touch screen ballot display with VVPB DRE voting systems with accessibility for voters with disabilities. Uses positive confirmation from voters to eliminate voter errors.
  • AVANTE Voter-Verifiable Paper Ballot / Paper Records can be of different lengths, depending on the number of contests in the election. Each Paper Record is “cut-and-drop” into a locked and sealed ballot box. In addition, Paper Records also include a 2-D machine readable code which stores the same data on the human readable Voter-Verifiable Paper Ballot in order to facilitate recount procedures and provide “third-party” read back capability if required.
  • Paging ballot display DRE voting system with VVPB on a 14″ touch-screen that provides accessibility to voters with disabilities. Shows one-contest per page and uses positive confirmation to eliminate voters’ errors.
    • Proven 0% residual votes (unintentional undervotes).
    • First and only DRE system that uses a write-once-read-many (WORM) CD-R for ballot loading and election data transfer providing maximum system security.
    • First and only proven DRE solution with VVPB that is cut-and-drop without compromising voter privacy.
    • First and only proven DRE solution with voter verified paper ballots that can be read directly with its compatible optical scan OMR with third party software independent auditable solution.

Optical Scan Solutions (Precinct and Central Count) with Digital Ballot Image (Ballot Picture) Auditability (US 7,614,553; 7,077,313; 6,892,944)

  • OPTICAL VOTE-TRAKKER® (Central Count) was the first paper ballot optical scan solution to be certified to EAC 2002 and designed to meet the EAC 2007 Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG) including accuracy requirements.
  • OPTICAL VOTE-TRAKKER® Precinct Count) was the first to allow voters to review their votes tabulation using digitized images of the actual ballot.
  • AVANTE Optical Scan Voting System (OPTICAL VOTE-TRAKKER®) for absentee or precinct-based voting will read BMD Ballots for tabulation.
    • First, patented optical scan marksense voting system to achieve less than 1 error in 1,500,000 marks.
    • First, patented optical scan paper ballot solution that captures ballots in digital pictures and uses quantitative pixel measurements to provide unparalleled accuracy.
    • First, patented paper balloting solution that automatically scales to accommodate paper shrinkage/lengthening and wrinkles.

Ballot Marking Device (BMD; US 7,461,787; 7,431,209; 7,422,150; 7,077,313; 7,036,730; 6,892,944)

  • AVANTE’s Ballot Marking Device (BMD) allows voters to electronically mark their ballots using either a Touch Screen, Keyboard, Sip & Puff device, or Rocker Paddle device. Ballots marked through BMD’s can either be hand counted or scanned for tabulation.
  • Marked / Printed ballots are in the same format as absentee ballots. In addition, these ballots can also be read for tabulation by the absentee or precinct-based OPTICAL VOTE-TRAKKER®.
    • Patented and proven with full accessibility and the same accuracy as AVANTE’s DRE with VVPB.
    • Complementary to AVANTE’s OPTICAL VOTE-TRAKKER® solutions, BMD marked ballots can be directly tabulated.
    • Uses the same Election Management Software (EMS) as do the DRE’s.

Ranked Voting and Instant Run-Off Voting (US 7,461,787; 7,431,209; 7,422,150; 7,077,313; 7,036,730; 6,892,944)

  • AVANTE DRE with VVPR and OPTICAL-VOTE-TRAKKER® are the first to provide automatic rank-choice voting to facilitate instant run-off election. Paper ballots and electronic ballots are generated at the same time within the same EMS (Election Management System) that allows voters to rank all candidates in accordance to their preference. The software automatically performs the “run-off” instantly as part of the tabulation of votes.

Voter Registration Systems and Solutions (Optional Biometric Data Capturing and Authentication; US 7,197,167; 6,973,581)

  • Patented Direct Capture Voter Registration Device (portal) to capture both voter information and biometric data that might include facial pictures, fingerprints and biometric digitized signatures.
  • Also, direct printing of voter ID cards with paper or smart card (including RFID).
  • Online Voter Registration System that captures biometric digitized signatures.
  • Paper based voter registration with unsurpassed accuracy using patented digital imaging for OMR forms and ICR technologies.