Biometric Voter Registration System


AVANTE Voter Registration includes the following components and functions:

  • Voter Registration Kiosk for Capturing Digital Facial Image, Fingerprints and/or Dynamic Digital Signature:


  • User-Friendly Interface based on Windows operation environment or .NET framework web-based interfaces for direct capturing of personal and demographic data, digital facial image, fingerprints and/or dynamic digital signature:


  • Printer to print real-time registration records or temporary card, including personal and demographic data, digital facial image, fingerprints and/or digitized signature.


  • Multi-color card printing with or without holograms with personal and demographic data, digital facial image, fingerprints and/or digitized signature along with 1-D and 2-D barcode and RFID smart card.



A Voter Registration System for automatic data capturing with advanced OMR and direct capturing of biometric fingerprints, facial picture and digital or digitized signature for verification and de-duplication

(US Patents: 7,635,088; 7,635,087; 7,614,553; 6,892,944; 7,036,730; 7,077,313; 7,422,150; 7,431,209; 6,973,581; 7,197,167; and pending patents: 11/709,449; & others)

AVANTE Biometric Voter Registration Solution incorporates total automatic data capturing with advanced OMR-ICR technology from captured digital images of voter forms. This patented accurate personal and demographic data capturing technology provides a low cost solution that incorporates data such as signature, fingerprints and personal picture and maintains the auditable integrity of voter registration forms that are signed by the voters

A complete and accurate voters list is the starting point of a credible election. An election that is credible must prevent voters from voting more than once and unregistered voters from voting. The use of biometrics for automatic de-duplication, verification and authentication at the point-of-counting represents the best solution in ensuring elections with the highest integrity and is a patented solution of AVANTE.
The following is the OMR-ICR based solution that incorporates biometrics for voter authentication and de-duplication:


Key Technologies and Benefits:

A totally automatic data capturing from voter completed forms with or without staff assistance:

AVANTE patented advanced OMR registration forms ensure quick and accurate data capturing before acquisition of biometric fingerprints, digital facial images and/or dynamic or digitized signatures.

Uses a Unique Form Identifier and 128 Bit Encryption Technology

  • Each voter registration is embedded with both GIS and voting sub-divisional information along with unique identifiers to prevent any human and machine errors from capturing the voter’s personal and demographic data. Each voter file is hashed with 128-256 bit or better to prevent tampering or unauthorized changes for ultimate integrity.

Saves Voter Registration Costs and Errors

  • Reduces the need for clerical staff that manually type voter information, as the voter’s personal and demographic data is captured automatically with the use of patented and proven OMR technologies. All data including voter’s signature, fingerprints and pictures can be scanned and captured at the same time in forming part of the audit log and database of voter registration. Eliminates employee overtime costs and data entry concerns.

Dramatically Reduces Human Error

  • Reduces or eliminates the need to transcribe data and provides for the timely management of massive last minute voter registration.

Kiosk for Biometric Capturing, Template Forming for Authentication and Verification

  • For countries where physical biometrics may be used for identification and authentication, biometrics such as fingerprints, facial picture and dynamic digital signature are useful means for both identity verification and authentication. AVANTE solution incorporates all of the capturing, template forming and matching applications of voters to improve voting integrity.


An Optional Online Real Time Secure Voter Registration System

Designed for both onsite and on-line access to a central database with 128-bit security encryption or for operation off line with periodic data downloads. One can use mobile computers such as a standard notebook with a printer and special signature pad.

Low Cost, Easy to Use Voter Signature Digitizer Pad

  • Easy to use interface. Just sign the registration form with the Signature Pad and submit and print out your voter registration form along with the digitized signature and special serial reference number. Your Registration is Complete!

AVANTE patented verifiable voting solutions with proven accuracy are configured with commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware of computers, printers, and document imaging scanners with the flexibility to accommodate election and voting methods of:

  • Counting voters’ marked ballots in precinct under public observation
  • Counting voters’ marked ballots in counting centers with specific and limited precincts under public observation
  • Counting voter marked and mailed-in ballots in central counting headquarters under public observation
  • Counting ballots marked by automatic “ballot-marking-devices” under public observation
  • Automatic “ballot marking devices” such as “direct recording electronics”(DRE) with “voter-verified paper ballots” are available

These patented solutions are developed and proven with the most stringent accuracy and integrity requirements in mind to accommodate the spectrum of complex elections in USA, South America and others as well as more common and simpler parliamentary and presidential elections in Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia.