FAQs on Test & Survey Scoring

Frequently Asked Questions on Automatic Data Capturing and Tabulation of Forms for Test Survey Questionnaires

What kind and which types of document imaging systems can be used with AVANTE’s Optical tabulation application?
  • Standard office use document imaging systems from Canon, Fujitsu, Kodak, etc. can be used.
  • The system must be able to resolve better than 200 dpi (almost all commercial optical scanners can be used).
  • Only optical scanners with automatic feed and duplex capability are recommended.
  • Selection should be based on highest anticipated useage volume.
What are the sizes, weight, and brightness of paper stock that can be used?
  • All standard paper stock can be used. Most systems can use paper sized up to 12 inches wide and 17 inches long.
  • Special readers may be able to accommodate longer and larger paper stock.
  • All scanners will work with standard 20-40 pound paper stock.
  • Other paper weights may depend on the specific scanners. For white paper, brightness over 80 will be more than adequate.
Can color papers be used?
  • White papers with brightness over 80 are commonly used.
  • Light colors (not red or black) can be used on most scanners.
  • AVANTE’s optical tabulation system is programmed to evaluate the difference in pixels of the marked areas over the background.
Is there a limit on the layout for the tests, questionnaires and surveys?
  • AVANTE’s optical tabulation system uses actual pixels of the marked areas after imaging for tabulation.
  • Complete images of both sides of the forms are captured.
  • The areas to be evaluated are defined by the “form generation program” and have no restrictions for location on papers as long as there is a reasonable separation between marked areas (typically 1 mm or more).
  • Traditional discrete sensor optical tabulation systems are limited to specific columnar areas evaluated when the paper is scanned.
Is there a limit on the volume of forms to be tabulated?
  • There is no volume limit.
  • Typical scanners have feeding speeds of 20-120 pages per minute based on A4 paper.
  • Scanners and tabulating systems may be networked to provide all volume capacities.
How can I find out if the system has under-scored or incorrectly scored the marked forms?
  • AVANTE’s optical tabulating system provides an automatic “recount” mechanism evaluating the results on a different pixel threshold setting.
  • The default setting is 20% of marked areas for a positive count.
  • Tabulations can be automatically compared with 40% or 60% marked to as low as 10% marked.
  • When zero or insignificant tabulation variations are reflected, correct scoring can be met with a high degree of confidence.
  • Any discrepancy can be reviewed by manually reviewing the specific questioned marking.
  • A full image of the forms will be presented for manual review.
  • This is a patented function of AVANTE’s optical tabulation system.