Census System with Form Generation and Automatic Data Capturing & Tabulation


Census System and Solution with Automatic Data Capturing Using OMR and ICR Technologies

AVANTE has the only patented, proven technology for capturing data from marked OMR-like forms with error rates less than 1 in 1,5000,000 marks while using multiple purpose commercial-off-the-shelf document imaging equipment. AVANTE pixel-based ballot data capturing and tabulation technology is used in place of traditional discrete sensor and other less accurate OMR paper-based scanning and scoring systems.
  • Marks made by students are documented with quantitative pixels rather than standard “YES” or “NO” choices based on specific thresholds of standard discrete sensor systems.
  • Proven to capture marked ovals on questionnaires with less than 1 error in 1,500,000 marks.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) tools are used as needed for both type-written and manually written answer deciphering respectively.
  • A barcode is used to automatically capture single pages (of multiple page questionnaires) coded with unique identifiers eliminating the need for proper stacking order or orientation.
  • Standard office paper is used in place of expensive “OMR” forms to reduce costs.
  • Security against tampering is increased with an optional unique and randomly generated test form identifier printed on each test form.

The best solution starts with imaging tests to capture 100% of the data and answers as filled and marked!

Census System with Flexible Form Generation, Automatic Data Capturing and Census Tabulation Solution

AVANTE Census System for preparation, automatic data capturing and tabulation system is an application derived from AVANTE’s proven and patented optical scan Election Management System. The table lists technological advancements of the AVANTE Census System and Solution for capturing and tabulating data from census survey forms.



Fast and automatic data capturing from census survey forms that are generated with the flexibility to automatically capture all demographic data including addresses and names
  • More accurate automatic data capturing technology of AVANTE patented pixel-imaging compared to OMR forms. Reduces the time requirement for data entry.
  • Takes less than 5 seconds to scan 5-page questionnaires.
  • Data is captured automatically and immediately after scanning.
  • Each survey form and page may be uniquely identified with a barcode.
  • Each page of a multiple page document is linked to the unique form identifier.
  • Fiducial marks for automatic page and form deciphering with patented automatic scaling provides the most accurate data capturing.
Multiple pages for capturing all required and complex data (no limit to the number of questions including all alphanumeric data)
  • AVANTE uses a barcode that is unique for each page of each form.
  • No specific order or stacking is required.
  • Capture form and page image.
  • Automatic deciphering of data immediately after scanning.
  • Automatic compilation of data to provide statistics.
  • Saves time and errors when many forms and pages are scanned.
  • Proven by independent lab and national election in US with less than one error in 1,500,000 marks.
  • US patented (US 6,892,944; 7,077,313; 7,614,553 and other US pending patents)
May be used to accurately capture data from customized forms of census requirements
  • The speed of scanning and data capturing is as fast as 90 pages per minute.
  • It takes less than 3-5 seconds to scan a 5-page form with more than 1000 questions.
  • It is effective capturing a million individual examinations or tests.
  • Multiple systems may be linked to provide instant tallies of individual results and overall statistics.
Automatic compilation of answers captured from individual questions provides statistics based on specific census data.
  • AVANTE’s proven system has been tested and certified by a US Independent Testing Authority for elections.
  • Compilation of tallies of each questionnaire has been proven for millions of forms.
  • Proven by independent lab and US election with less than one error in 1,500,000 marks (No error was recorded during the official testing for certification).
Ideal for large scale and complex national, state, provincial and organizational census and surveys
  • AVANTE OPTICAL scanning data capturing system is highly scalable to extend to national level questionnaires and surveys.
  • Examinations or tests may be individualized or standardized.
  • Standard office laser printers or commercial printers are equally effective.
  • Multiple scanners may be networked to any scale.
  • Paper exams and tests may be printed locally using standard laser printers.
  • Each exam or test may be individualized for automatic posting of results.
  • Scanner can be low cost at 20 pages per minute or as fast as 120 pages per minute.

Some key characteristics of AVANTE’s Census System and Solution for census form data capturing and census tabulation:

  • Flexible form generation and question formats for direct and automatic data capturing of names, addresses and other demographic data that may otherwise need to be keyed in manually.
  • Uses Microsoft Windows-based applications which are easy to learn and use.
  • Census and survey questions are formatted in standard MS “Word” formats that can be printed using standard laser printers or for high volume, sent to outside professional printers.

Sample Survey Form 1

Sample Survey Form 2

Sample Alphanumeric Form

Key Capabilities of AVANTE Census Preparation & Data Capturing and Tabulation System:

  • Finished tests can be scored with standard document imaging scanners able to capture digital images with better than 200 dpi.
  • Census can be printed on standard office paper or special form papers in standard US and European size formats.
  • Names, addresses and other demographic data that normally requires manually data entry are automatically captured.
  • Along with standard multiple choice tests, ranked choices tests are also available.

Sample Ranked Paper Ballot