Cold Chain Transportation Logistics

Besides traditional GPS locations and any deviation from the geo-fencing based on the designated trip for the refrigerated container transport, the following additional security and safety to the food, vaccine or pharmaceutical shipments are also achieved.

Temperature-Humidity Monitoring On-and-Of the Products During Cold Chain Transport and Storage

  • By placing the ZONER devices on or near the product pallets, the temperature and humidity of the products can be monitored. This contrasts with traditional temperature monitoring of the cold chain box that may fluctuate as much as 5-10C depending on the packing airflow and location.
  • Additional shock and movement data provides security of the products against theft and tampering that is not available during pallet or container shipping.
  • By using “received signal strength” differential along with other patented intrusion detection mechanisms, false positives are minimized.

Real-Time Alerts for Corrective Actions with Direct Cold Chain Monitoring Solution “On-and-Of” the Products

  • The data sensed by the ZONER devices are transmitted every few seconds via RELAYER to the AVANTE data center to provide real-time conditions of the pallet and container conditions to shippers and carriers via role-based web access.
  • Any exceptions such as temperature-approaching-out-of-range, intrusion into the container in unauthorized locations or conditions, and other exceptions are reported in real-time by ZONER and RELAYER to the data center.
  • The shipper and carrier management get alerts of exceptions via short messages (SMS), email, phone and other communication means.

Real-Time Locating During Cold Chain Transport

  • The onboard advanced GPS within the RELAYER provides real-time locations and tracking via role-based web access.
  • All data can be backfilled in during lapses in communication to ensure 100% visibility of the shipment.
  • Geo-fencing monitoring with diversion and exceptions alerts in real-time.

End-to-End Cold Chain Monitoring Solution from Harvesting, Preparation, Distribution, Transportation and Retailing

  • Reefer door open-close and durations are monitored along with all other relevant conditions such as temperature and humidity along with shock and intrusions.
  • DC Warehouse spatial fluctuations are monitored along with all other relevant conditions such as temperature and humidity.

Personnel Presence/Absence and Association with the Cold Chain Monitoring Solution

  • AVANTE electronic cargo tracking system for cold chain logistics security and safety monitoring solution is the first patented solution that provides association of TWIC and other personnel involved in the shipment process.
  • The panic button enables the driver to ask for help when needed. OPTIONAL COVERT COLD CHAIN MONITORING SOLUTION: ZONER-RELAYER real-time monitoring system and services are available for covert configuration and monitoring. Please contact PanaSec-AVANTE sales team for details.


Refrigerated container transportation in cold chain logistics is the most vulnerable phase of end-to-end cold chain safety and security monitoring. Traditional data loggers record temperature and/or humidity and report upon arrival. While “post mortem” data is useful for attributing responsibility in case of failure, it does not prevent potential productivity lapses or loss of food-goods and/or spoilage of vaccines and pharmaceutical supplies.

Instead of the traditional “first-in-first-out” (FIFO) approach, AVANTE’s cold chain monitoring solution maintains end-to-end visibility of the products being managed which enables a “first-expire-first-out” (FEFO) approach to ensure optimal cold chain transportation

PanaSec-AVANTE has developed and made available cold chain monitoring solutions and services to the cold chain logistics industry based on the following goals:

  • “FEFO” vs. “FIFO” with Verifiable Temperature-Humidity History ON-and-OF the Products
  • Real-Time Alerts of Exceptions for Corrective Actions
  • End-to-End Verifiable Certification

AVANTE is proud to provide end-to-end monitoring solutions and services with innovations enabled with the US  7,342,497; 7,423,535; 7,319,397; 7,513,425; 6,883,710; 7,036,729; 6,703,935; 6,696,954; 6,943,688; 6,665,543; and other pending US patents.

The following are illustrations of the configuration for ZONER sensor devices for monitoring temperature, humidity, shock, intrusion, light and sound.  ZONER badges for personnel involved in the cold chain logistics and a monitoring RELAYER reporting the conditions periodically and exceptions in real-time are also depicted.


For the first time, real-time alerts for the many exceptions in terms of temperature excursion beyond or approaching unacceptable limits on or near the products shipped with cold chain logistics can be provided to those that may be able to arrange preventive measures.