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Port Terminal/Yard Security is one part of Avante’s End-To-End Container Monitoring System

Port terminal and yard storage represents another critical phase that requires special security management.  However the visibility obtained in providing adequate security has the potential to yield more efficient transportation management while lowering the costs of the overall supply chain.

AVANTE’s Yard Management System is focused on the specific application of real-time locating of containers within defined areas of terminals and staging yards.  The movements and history of the containers are monitored once they enter the yards or terminals.

AVANTE’s Solution uses the combination of GPS and RFID technologies coupled with wireless communication to provide the most cost-effective solution with minimal set up time, site surveys and infrastructure requirements. The database solution is integrated with other relational database asset management systems including SAP, etc. The web-based solution provides monitoring interface and access from anywhere with role-based access.

As part of the total solution, the security of the supply chain is dramatically enhanced when one or more of the components (ZONER-CTID and/or ZONER-SEAL) is also deployed and placed on the containers at the same time the container arrives checked into the terminal yard.   This enhances the visibility, provides the time and location and includes information such as movement, unusual temperature fluctuation, shock and, a tamper alert.  Shippers and terminal management benefit from the proven security provided by AVANTE’s Cargo Electronic Tracking System.

In the case of off-site staging in commercial private yards (“Container Freight Stations, CFS”, etc.,) the onboard AVANTE RELAYER-YR device updates and provides visibility and history of the containers’ movements and conditions before being placed into transit.

Port Terminal, Container Yard and Warehouse Monitoring



  • Real-time information on locations and stack positions at all time for all containers to facilitate movement of the cargo to ship and to land transport
  • Real-time information on availability of space for storing incoming containers
  • Real-time information and automatic alerts for containers that have been in the yard over a designated period
  • Facilitate automatic billing and surcharge assessments based on the storage history
  • Facilitate custom inspection of containers with direct coupling to the manifest of shipment
  • Eliminate human errors in data entries or periodic inventory checking


  • Theft detection and prevention with the direct monitoring of the movement and position of the RELAYER-YR associated with the container
  • Attempt to remove the RELAYER-YR from the container will also be detected and automatic alerts generated


Since 1995, AVANTE has pioneered and patented many security technologies for protecting personnel and assets. AVANTE’s patented technologies and features include:

  • “Received signal strength” (RSSI) and/or GPS for real-time location of containers and vehicles
  • Web-based solution with role-based access of container location and space availability
  • Pin-point available space in both the area and stack location to optimize operation and usage of container yards
  • Movements and movement history provides detailed and auditable records for both the shippers and the port management
  • Motion and shock sensors for theft prevention
  • Enhanced security and safety to cargo and staff alike when coupled with the AVANTE Integrated Port Security System via monitoring all of the equipment, staff and transport workers associated with the port and shipment operations
  • Enhanced security of the supply chain and individual cargo container when AVANTE Electronic Cargo Tracking System with intrusion detection capability is used in conjunction with the AVANTE RELAYER-YR for Container Yard Management
  • Each ZONER and RELAYER device records exception events as they happen and status at a fixed interval for forensics or future auditing

The Following is the System Configuration of the AVANTE Container Yard Management System:


Seaport Terminal and Container Storage Management & Container Security Issues

The following are some of the issues that have been addressed by the AVANTE Container Yard Monitoring System and Services during the staging and storage phase of the container transport:

  • Holding area security
  • Holding period consolidation?
  • Who checked and sealed the container?
  • Any storage area tampering?

Terminal Loading and Container Security Issues

The following are some of the issues that have been addressed by the AVANTE Container Yard Monitoring System and Services during any transhipment transfer or consolidation:

  • Who performs the final check?
  • Are container locks or seals used?