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Integrated End-to-end container/content visibility is the only true supply-chain security solution.

To realize this goal, a total solution must include a system with a partnership of existing terminal operators, supply logistic management companies, and government agencies coordinating the following services:


  • 24/7 real-time monitoring and reporting of access to 100% of the sealed containers.
  • All status and exception reports are made to an independent agency.
  • Exception and tampering reports are made in real-time. Normal status reports are made periodically as scheduled.
  • Reports of exception and tampering are made as follows:
    1. The real-time reporting of any container intrusion on a departed ship is first made to the destination port and custom authorities.
    2. The same reports are sent to a “Public Independent Monitoring Agency” as an information clearing- house.
    3. The destination authorities will manage any exceptions and communicate with the departing authorities and onboard security staff. No direct reporting of events will be made to the onboard and departing authorities unless authorized by the destination authorities or by mutual or international agreement.
  • The monitoring devices inside the containers, the message relaying network onboard the carrier, and the communication network are installed and monitored independently by a third party independent agency.
  • AVANTE SMART-TRAKKER™ Container Transport Security System and Services includes self-diagnostic reporting along with system events and periodic reporting.
  • Additional real-time optional video feed triggered by tampering is available.
  • All systems are built with redundancy to prevent false tamper reporting. This end-to-end container visibility provides cargo transport security equivalent to 100% inspection of all containers as part of the supply chain security system and solution.



  • A partnership between local and regional/national agencies to monitor onboard devices.
  • An organization responsible for consolidation of all container-based supply chain data from end-to-end on all ZONER™-RELAYER™ devices.
  • An organization providing full container reports to destination custom and port authorities.

AVANTE Integrated Intermodal Cargo Transport Security and Visibility has been engineered and configured to remedy one of the shortcomings of traditional nodal or choke point based systems – reporting potential tampering at the port terminal is much too late.  Additionally, reporting loss of shipment when arriving at the port terminal from the box stuffing center or at the receiving warehouse makes recovery almost impossible.

The capability to report tampering and exceptions in real-time along with monitoring the transportation workers and staff in all phases of the supply chain execution helps to provide accountability, efficiency and deterrent of theft and tampering.

Real-Time Reporting For Real Security


AVANTE provides web-based 24/7 end-to-end tracking services of using its RFID ZONER™-RELAYER™ container security devices, carrier-based and yard based fixed site communication links and association of personnel badges to provide cargo container visibility and security management:

Leasing of a set of SMART-TRAKKER™ consisting of one set of RFID ZONER™-RELAYER™ container security devices (two ZONER™-CTID tags and one RELAYER™-CTOR,) three personnel ZONER™-SSID badges, and one carrier-based communicator of RELAYER™-CTCR (equipped with GPS, GPRS and SATCOM.)
Optional fixed-site installation of nodal and real-time locating RELAYER™-RTLS readers along the supply chain.
Flexible service charges based on scheduled regular reporting and real-time exception reporting. This cost effective supply chain security system and visibility solution does not require capital investment. Return of investment (ROI) in using this patented transport security system is immediate and can be tailored to your specific requirements.

The following are some additional systems and services that add to the value of the supply chain by utilizing the AVANTE’s unique active RFID ZONER™-RELAYER™ technology.

Destination Custom and Port Authorities Work with Origination Countries:

Receive all notices, manifests, and declarations from departing authorities.
Receive immediate real-time monitoring and reports of any tampering.
Communicate with departing port and custom authorities.
Communicate with shipping company and carriers.