Utilities and Critical Infrastructure Access Control & Personnel Visibility


  • Visibility of presence and association of personnel and assets
  • Movement, usage, tampering or sabotage detection of critical and/or dangerous chemicals, cylinders or tankers of gases.
  • 24/7/365 automatic detection and reporting of exceptions that meet the criteria of stolen and sabotage conditions.
  • Applicable to all of the following operations:
  • Utilities Operation and Distribution Complexes including Electricity and Water
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Complexes that may need to meet CFATS (Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards) or be in 2002 Bio-Terrorism Act compliance
  • Nuclear and Energy Complexes


AVANTE ACCESS-TRAKKER® PAVS-300 is a nodal based personnel and asset visibility system which provides access control management to doors and gates using its short range RFID passive badge tags. The 10-20 feet read range active RFID badges provide nodal visibility of a workplace without compromising personnel privacy. AVANTE PAVS-500 incorporates a second network of RELAYER readers to provide “on-demand” and “upon-command” real-time locating capability for emergency and evacuation management.


In a normal operating environment, the short range of read distance active RFID personnel badges around the access points operate similar to the current proximity readers with a slightly longer range of read distance of 10-20 ft to provide a non-obtrusive and non-intrusive operation environment. This normal operation mode preserves the privacy of individual personnel.front-page-of-access-trakker-1.0-200

Upon demand by the bearer of the AVANTE ZONER™ RFID badge by pressing on the “panic button,” the badge will transmit at the much longer range of 100 ft indoors and 300 ft outdoors to allow the real-time locating of their position to the police or other security staff.


While the network of RELAYER™ RFID reader-monitors normally operates in “listen” mode only, they can also be directed to provide alerts of dangers or other actions to the personnel using the embedded buzzer in the badge.


The network of RFID RELAYER™ reader-monitors can also be directed to command all personnel RFID badges within its monitoring area to respond in high power signal transmission to allow real-time locating of the personnel in response to an emergency. This ability to provide real-time location on demand is what distinguishes the AVANTE PAVS from other existing solutions and traditional personnel access control management systems.

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For a complex campus like setting with a wide-spread of buildings and infrastructure, a different configuration from traditional card access control management system as exemplified in the AVANTE RFID PAVS (Personnel and Assets Visibility System) may be required to make the system more effective.


The AVANTE personnel and asset visibility system is now available in GSA schedule under GSA contract.


Another good example of an extensive complex is the Congressional complex of the United States. For a system to work properly, it must provide easy and secured access to the members of congress and their staff as well as the daily visiting public. In this case, both the staff and visitors alike are preferably monitored with a real-time end-to-end visibility within the controlled facilities.


The following is a summary of the functions beyond traditional access control management of personnel incorporated in the AVANTE RFID Personnel and Assets Visibility System (AVANTE PAVS-500). Advantages of PAVS-500 benefit the staff, visitors, and contractors in an extended complex with multiple buildings and expansive ground to cover. Under normal operating conditions, the system operates in nodal visibility mode where the personnel wearing badges are only monitored in short range of 10 ft indoors and 30 ft outdoors.

  • Integrated Visitor Registration and Badge issuing system for visitors, contractors or other temporary personnel.
  • All visitors, contractors and temporary personnel must use the same RFID card for the system to be effective under all circumstances.
  • AVANTE PAVS includes a web-based visitor registration system that allows web and onsite registration and issuing of RFID cards.
  • Pictures of the visitors may be captured and imprinted on the card blank for additional security.
  • The system automatically acknowledges the entrance and exit of the individual into the building with a personalized greeting.
  • The system automatically records the entrance/exit record with a time-stamp for building, floor, and campus-wide monitoring stations.
  • The system provides all of the traditional functions of a personnel access control management system along with advanced personnel visibility capabilities.
  • The system automatically displays the photographic images of the staff and other personnel for positive confirmation for the security officials monitoring the operation.
  • If there is a video monitoring system in place, the system can also automatically “clip” the video record in accordance to the time-stamp as part of the audit record.
  • The RFID badge also automatically reports its battery condition and records are kept as part of the safety check.
  • RFID RELAYER™ reader-monitors line all gates, entrances/exits, including stairs, escalators and elevators on every floor and relevant infrastructure to report the locations of personnel in real-time.
  • Data on each personnel access records along with the time-stamps are communicated to the central monitoring station via protected wired network (typically via Ethernet line).
  • The history of the personnel’s movement serves as additional confirmation of the real-time location of the personnel.
  • Optional WiFi wireless communication capability may be used along with the Ethernet hub.


A properly managed personnel visibility system must include a comprehensive visitor registration and monitoring system. The proper registration, management and monitoring of visitors is not only important for the security of a facilities, it is also critical in evacuation management in case of an emergency. The following is a basic workflow of the AVANTE visitor registration system.


AVANTE ACCESS-TRAKKER® Personnel and Asset Visibility System PAVS-300 uses Microsoft .NET framework and SQL-Server database in managing its visibility and to access records. A role-based system access control is used to ensure data integrity and to maintain personnel privacy.


PAVS-100 System: Wiegand Reader, Access Controller, RFID Access Control Cards and Access Control Software