Executive Protection System & Personnel Security Management

AVANTE PERSONNEL and ASSET VISIBILITY SOLUTION for personnel safety and asset security management

Effective protective measures for executive protection may include home security systems, bodyguards, armored vehicles and vehicle scramble plans, mail screening, private jet travel, background checks for other employees, and other precautions. Executive protection may also provide security for immediate and/or extended family members to prevent kidnapping and extortion. AVANTE Executive Protection Systems focus on providing the security teams with real-time locational and situational visibility around the executives to be protected.




The system and communications are IP-based and robust with built-in redundancy:

  • The RTLS is IP-based and data can be monitored from anywhere and anytime.
  • Communications of exceptions are normally fed directly and synchronized with other security systems but also reported independently whenever there is exception.
  • Monitoring software uses .NET web-based framework to provide seamless and easy integration and communication via web services with legacy and other security systems.
  • Additional safety feature of on-demand real-time reporting switch is a common feature on all personnel RFID ZONER™ badges in case of emergency and need of additional help.
  • The system works 24/7/365 independent of other security system. The RFID ZONER™ tags and badges are equipped with batteries that last at least 5 years.
  • AVANTE also provides backup monitoring data center services for redundancy and archives data for customers needing such information.

Executive Protection System and Solution: Real-Time Personnel and Asset Visibility and Monitoring Services

The AVANTE personnel safety & asset security management and visibility system is now available in GSA schedule under GSA contract.


AVANTE Executive Protection System and Solution is a subset of the AVANTE personnel safety and asset security management solution. Executive safety protection is critical for the operation and viability of companies and institutions. AVANTE security and protection system incorporates the patented technologies in locational tracking of executives in both mobile and fixed site real-time situations. This versatile capability is available and deployable for home, office, conference area, speaking forum, off-site meeting, and other mobile environments.


What are the benefits in incorporating the patented AVANTE RFID Real-Time Locating System and Personnel-Asset Visibility System in executive protection?

  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of all personnel in fixed site environments of offices, factories and other working environments where all authorized personnel are known in advance.
  • Executives that need extra security protection can be further highlighted and provided with detailed and historical records of personnel around them in real-time.
  • Security team maintains real-time visibility of the executive with AVANTE mobile real-time visibility system incorporating advanced GPS and RFID with patented received signal strength for mobile real-time locating while traveling in car or on foot.
  • Security team maintains real-time visibility of the executive with AVANTE mobile real-time visibility system incorporating RFID with patented received signal strength for mobile real-time locating while moving in conference, forum, meeting and other situations with crowds and dynamic changes.
  • Ability to associate document assets and staff relationships from the arrival at dock to disposure.
  • Executives are provided with assistance request capability anywhere and at all time.


The principle and utility of the AVANTE patented RFID RTLS personnel safety and asset security management technology can be visualized below:

  • A miniature and low profile RF ZONER™ device with temperature and motion sensors are used to provide real-time visibility via RF communications.
  • All staff and security personnel are encouraged to wear the RF ZONER™ devices.
  • Each RF ZONER™ device transmits and communicates to the monitoring RELAYER units to provide real-time visibility in terms of location and environment.
  • A grid of real-time locating RFID RELAYER™ readers is installed around the perimeter of the area of fixed sites or known environments to be protected.
  • A mobile configuration to provide real-time locating capability is used to supplement a mobile advanced GPS system.
  • Exceptions rules based on movement, position, and temperature, and who among the authorized personnel is around are used to provide exception reporting in real-time. All data collected may be viewed in synchronization with the IP-video or other CCTV monitoring system whenever possible.
  • The system provides an alert and alarm well before the system exceeds safe operating and anticipated environment and conditions.
  • The RF ZONER™ devices and RELAYER™ readers are self-monitoring for any tampering.