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Web-Based, Real-Time Rail Cargo Visibility & Trackingavante-cold-chain-chart-500-updated

AVANTE’s Rail Cargo Management System provides a full spectrum of services for all stakeholders:

  1. Wagon booking and payment management
  2. Train formation, wagon shunting and train scheduling
  3. Crew assignment and management
  4. Real-time fuel level and consumption incorporating digital fuel sensors
  5. Real-time train-wagon-cargo status and location tracking
  6. Positive train control with “moving block” speed limit control using GPS, cellular and satellite communication technologies;
  7. Optional additional visibility assistance to train engineers with unique system coupling of IR-Imaging-Radar technologies.
  8. Optional real-time track condition monitoring

The proven AVANTE RFID-Sensor tag placed inside the cargo wagon and embedded in  or near the cargo provides real-time temperature/humidity data of the cold chain cargo rather than the wagon temperature. The same technology also includes real-time reporting of any intrusion into the wagon.


  • A user-friendly, web-based solution provides all stakeholders real-time, role-based access to their respective rail cargo operations.
  • Real-time, web-based and mobile device access to check the condition of the goods including intrusion, tampering, temperature, moisture and other sensor-based status from anywhere.
  • Exceptions and/or intrusions are detected by AVANTE patented multi-mode sensors, RFID devices inside and/or input/output valves of the tanker content.  Exceptions or intrusions are reported in real-time to shippers, buyers, authorities including customs, insurance providers and 3PL providers via SMS, email and other communications channels as required.

In most of the emerging economies, the rail track infrastructure needs peroidic repairs and maintenance. AVANTE developed a cost-effective “Track Integrity Monitoring Device” to provide GPS locations of tracks that needs attention or repairs.