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Web-Based, Real-Time Rail Cargo Tracking Solution


AVANTE Rail Freight Management System provides a full spectrum of services for cargo stakeholders:

  1. Wagon booking and payment management
  2. Train formation, wagon shunting and train scheduling
  3. Crew assignment and management
  4. Real-time fuel level and consumption incorporating digital fuel sensors
  5. Real-time train-wagon-cargo status and location tracking
  6. Positive train control with “moving block” speed limit control using GPS, cellular and satellite communication technologies
  7. Optional visibility assistance to train engineers with unique system coupling of IR-Imaging-Radar technologies
  8. Optional real-time track condition monitoring


The AVANTE RFID-Sensor tag placed on or near cargo inside the wagon provides real-time cold chain temperature/humidity data rather than the wagon temperature. This same technology also includes real-time reporting of any intrusion into the wagon during transit.

  • A user-friendly web solution provides all stakeholders real-time, role-based access to their respective rail cargo operations.
  • Real-time web-based and mobile device access to check the condition of the goods including intrusion, tampering, temperature, moisture and other sensor-based status from anywhere.
  • Exceptions and/or intrusions are detected by AVANTE patented multi-mode sensors, RFID devices inside and/or input/output valves of the tanker content.  Exceptions or intrusions are reported in real-time to shippers, buyers, authorities including customs, insurance providers and 3PL providers via SMS, email and other communications channels as required.

AVANTE developed a cost-effective “Track Integrity Monitoring Device” to provide GPS locations of tracks that need repairs.

Web-Based Rail Freight Management Solution

AVANTE’s Web-Based Rail Freight Management System provides real-time visibility for cargo transport stakeholders:

  • Wagon booking and payment management

Real time GPS location of the train is communicated to both the monitoring and control center via GPRS with Satellite backup, and to other trains with long-range RFID and WiFi systems to facilitate bi-directional visibility among trains and rail workers.

  • Train scheduling and crew management
  • Industry standard automatic equipment identifier (AEI) system for rolling stock management

Industry standard passive UHF technology is used in conjunction with AVANTE active RFID technologies to provide security tracking and visibility of all rolling stock for efficient asset utilization.

  • End-of-train-device (ETD) for real-time cargo wagon decoupling alert

AVANTE incorporated its patented active RFID technologies into ETD for real time control and monitoring of decoupling.

  • Real-Time Locating and Visibility of the goods being transported
  • E-Seal for container wagon, cargo wagon and tanker car security management

AVANTE patented and proven e-Seal technologies are applicable for standard dry, closed and wet cargo wagons, as well as standard intermodal containers.

  • Real time fuel usage monitoring

AVANTE developed a cost-effective digital sensors for direct and real-time fuel level and usage monitoring. Besides having real-time operational data, it also enhances efficiency management and improvement of operation.

  • Moving block speed monitoring and real-time exception reporting
  • Geo-fencing and route conformance for potential diversion issues
  • Real-time alerts for any exceptions with geo-tagging via cellular and/or satellite communication
  • Web role-based location and conditions visibility

The built-in capability of the AVANTE RELAYER-CONTROLLER module, real-time data of 1) locations, 2) instantaneous speed, 3) visibility of all wagons on the train, and 4) fuel level and usage provides the control center real-time data.  The expanded capability of communication via cellular with failover to satellite that interfaces directly with the AVANTE RELAYER-CONTROLLER, the control monitoring center can directly exercise remote control over the train braking mechanism when speed violations over a specific rail block alert is not corrected by the engineer after the designated time.  For more effective emergency speed violation corrective action, AVANTE RELAYER-CONTROLLER besides providing the train engineer with both visual and audio alerts with its onboard computer can also be programmed to exercise this automatic braking control to reduce the speed if the train engineer failed to act upon the alerts before the train reaches the rail block where the potential accidents may occur.