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Rail Gauge and Track Integrity Sensor Network

Round the clock, Automated Electronic Gauge Measurement/Distortion Sensor/Exception Reporting System

Accurate around the clock monitoring of rail track conditions dramatically improves the  allows true preventive maintenance and lowers the need for costly reactive maintenance.   The commonly used periodic inspection methodologies are only as good as the system’s capability and the inspectors that are carrying out the inspection. These inspection methods and protocols are not known for reliability or cost-effectiveness.

Reactive maintenance and the periodic inspection protocols cannot help to prevent accidents that are caused by the rail track distortion and other issues that happen between inspections..

AVANTE Rail Gauge & Integrity Monitoring System is designed to provide a cost-effective solution.  Devices located along the rail track provide twenty-four hour reporting of the exact condition of the track in terms of gauge distortion, support structure, erosion and damages. The exceptions that may cause a train accident are reported in real-time to the monitoring control center as well as broadcasted to the oncoming trains to allow the train engineer to avoid the potential hazard.


Onboard Digital Visibility with Electronic Rail Gauge and Rail Integrity Monitoring Device

Rail Safety Enhancement and Real-Time Exception Alerts with Sensor-Based Rail Track Monitoring Sensor Devices:

  • Rail track integrity are typically check periodically to ensure the safety train operation.
  • Temperature sensors are sometimes placed along the rail track to report potential rail track distortion when temperature exceeded 50°C or more. However, whether there is any problem on the track must still depends on teams dispatched to inspect the track.
  • Inspections and special track integrity monitoring system must still be dispatched and/or ride on the track to observe the integrity. Distortion or destruction between the periods of inspection cannot be prevented by such operational protocol.
  • AVANTE developed a cost-effective sensor network to be placed along the track along with a communication network and reporting system to provide 24/7/365 electronic monitoring of the rail track integrity to dramatically enhanced the safety of rail operation.
  • Exceptions in rail gauge distortion, shock and vibration will be reported in real-time to the monitoring center and on coming trains within the areas to prevent accidents.
  • AVANTE Rail Track Integrity Monitoring System provides additional layer of security and safety to achieve more positive train control.

Rail Gauge and Rail Track Integrity Visibility

Man Made Rail Track Destruction Caused Major Loss of Lives and Properties that Can Be Prevented with an Electronic Rail Gauge and Integrity Monitoring Device

Rail Track Integrity Monitoring and Real Time Alerts for Preventable Accidents:


Rail track can be distorted and cause accidents by both natural long-term erosion, sudden flash flooding, earth quake and even extreme temperature excursion. Accidents caused by intentional man made destruction or tampering have been one of the major concerns in many countries.

Excessive Temperature Excursion Caused Major Rail Track Accidents that May be Prevented with a Real Time Digital Visibility for the Train Driver and Onboard Computer Control System

Most of these track integrity induced accidents could have been prevented if the monitoring center and/or the train driver have adequate advanced warning and alerts.


Long-term Rail Track Aging and Erosion of Rail Supporting Soil Structure Caused Accidents that May Be Avoided with 24/7/365 Rail Gauge and Track Monitoring Device

AVANTE developed advanced and cost effective sensors and communication network for monitoring the gauge changes and exceptions in shock and vibration along the rail track:

  • RFID IP-based sensors embedded along the track for rail gauge changes, temperature, shock and vibration sensors to monitor and provide real time exception alerts
  • Real-time geo-tagged reporting of exceptions such as large track gauge changes, shock and vibration
  • Real time broadcasting of the these accident causing exception to on coming trains within 5 kilometer