Real-Time Asset Location System


Relayer Monitor

Active RFID RELAYER Monitoring Device

Relayer Monitor on Stand

AVANTE RELAYER reader-monitor on a stand

AVANTE SMART-TRAKKER™ Real-Time Locating and Monitoring System (RTLMS)

Access Trakker Diagram

AVANTE medical assets SMART-TRAKKER™ Real-Time Location and Monitoring System is comprised of the following modules and units:
  • Individual RFID ZONER™ tags associated with each specific asset transmits messages at fixed intervals or through response-on-demand. From the received signal strength indicators received by at least three RELAYER™ readers, using AVANTE patented dynamic zoning signal strength technology, AVANTE RTLS is able to locate all the assets in real-time with great precision.
  • A fixed site network of RFID RELAYER™ readers is used to relay messages at all times from the assets tagged with ZONER™ devices to the central server. Reports of operating conditions and the status of both ZONER™ and RELAYER™ networks are made regularly. Exceptions and unauthorized removal of tagged assets from permitted areas will trigger immediately security management alerts via text message, audible, visual or voice call, as well as appear on the central monitoring display.
  • An optional multi-channel video digital recording (DVR) device may be integrated into the system. Time-stamped, event driven, (e.g. unauthorized asset removal or movement) high frame rate video clips may be flagged for security, management and forensic review.

Office RTLS Mapping

Relayer Zoner RTLS Diagram