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RFID Car Park Management System and Real-Time Locating System Application

RFID car park management system is one of the few real-time locating systems that provides fast return of investment. The application is similar to the trailer park application where each car is equipped with an active RFID ZONER tag that beacons periodically while a network of active RFID RELAYER readers is used to monitor and derive the car location in real-time. Each vehicle occupies a single XY space. There is no stacked confusion if the parking lot is outdoors as shown in the figure below.  An advantage of the RFID Car Park Management System is increased location accuracy of small cars.

Additionally, private vehicle owners typically place their tag inside the windshield instead of on top of the car unlike that of a trailer. This placement position leads to substantial difficulties or inaccuracies in locating the tag using triangulation time-lapsed or the “free signal loss” approach.

Cars Parked

Each car in a park occupies a fixed space. The space is typically small (3×3 meters). While placing the tag inside the windshield is preferred, doing so complicates the triangulation time-lapsed method of location.  AVANTE ZONING and weighed distance analysis using received signal strengths eliminates multi-patch problems for accurate location identification of well within one meter.

Car Parking Deck

Indoor car parks with multiple levels could present even more challenges for the standard triangulation time-lapsed method. Again, AVANTE ZONING and weighted distance analysis using received signal strength bypasses the multi-path problems for accuracy well within one meter.

Truck with Container Monitored Roadside Readers

A transponder mounted in the cab of the truck relays information to the roadside electronic reader through antennae in the overhead structure. Source: FHWA

AVANTE Yard and Car Park Management Applications Using RFID RTLS systems

There are several established RFID real-time locating system (RTLS) applications that proved successful with a return of investment (ROI) in less than one year. One of most rewarding applications is the RFID yard management system for trailers and containers.

In the RFID yard management application, power is available at fixed locations. Both the standard triangulation time-lapsed approach and AVANTE’s dynamic zoning are proven approaches that minimize the effects of multipath and other interferences. One of the unparalleled security features that is unique to the AVANTE RFID RTLS solution is the association of staff to daily operations, thus enhancing traditional access control and providing a complete management solution.

The coupling of real-time locating of personnel and assets along with the association of activities and operations provides real visibility and security management for more critical infrastructures such as port and container transport and management.

When and if AVANTE RFID container intrusion detection technology is applied for managing container transport and supply chain security, end-to-end security management of supply chain management may be achieved for the first time. This unique and patent-pending capability of using RFID received signal strength indicator (RSSI) for intrusion detection and theft prevention enhances the value of RFID yard management. AVANTE yard management solution provides locating, intrusion and exception reporting in real-time.

Container Yard

Container yards with multiple containers stacked to form a 3-D space produce many multiple path problems.  Without a clear “line-of-sight” a simple grid of RFID readers using the triangulation time-lapsed method produces inaccurate or inadequate results. The zoning approach using relative signal power method can provide the accuracy required. AVANTE normally places its ZONER RFID tags on the ridge of the corrugated metal for handling protection. The readers are normally placed at a height above the highest position of the stacked container (40-50 ft. above ground).

Yard Management

(View video on AVANTE Real- Time Asset Tracking System and Solution)

Relayer on Container Trucks

A single RELAYER reader placed outside the container monitors access into the sealed container using the RSSI from the ZONER tags attached inside the container. The ZONER tag has an embedded temperature sensor and optional integrated sensors to monitor radioactivity and chemicals inside the sealed container (in case of higher risk suppliers) for a period of inland transit to the port terminal. The data from the sensor-integrated ZONER devices is extracted upon arriving at the departing port and the integrated tags replaced with standard ZONER tags without the sensors to reduce the cost of operations. Each driver and staff also wears a personnel ZONER badge-tag for any associated operation with the container. The RELAYER reader on each container can also communicate with another RELAYER monitor onboard of the truck that interfaces with a cellular and/or satellite communication module equipped with GPS to report any incidences and exceptions to the monitoring headquarters.

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