Automobile Theft Prevention and Recovery

Real-time location during transit or garage movement with driver as well as vehicle tracking

Active ZONER™ RFID badges on operators and the onboard RELAYER™ reader with a hidden communication module ensures vehicle theft prevention in and out of parking garages and globally.

  • An onboard RELAYER™ reader is monitored by a second superstructure of network RELAYER™ monitors (“masters”) on the garage to provide real-time locations at all times.
  • Each access point is controlled by a RELAYER monitor to assure that a proper driver with “correct” ZONER™ badge is within 10 ft of the vehicle.
  • The tracking operation is activated when the owner reports the vehicle is stolen. The onboard RFID RELAYER™ reader is in direct communication with a hidden communication module that is equipped with GPS for mobile locations and a cellular and/or satellite communication to report its position whenever a proper driver is not within 10 ft of the vehicle.

RELAYER readers and communication modules in a variety of positions inside a vehicle provide cellular communication and internal RF communication with driver/owner ZONER card and/or key fob tag.