Tradeshow & Event Management with RFID and Barcode


2-D datamatrix barcode badges are de-facto standard for lead retrieval applications. AVANTE Tradeshow and Event Management System uses the same 2-D datamatrix for all its lead retrieval applications either as a sole or combination of technologies along with RFID technologies.

AVANTE is unique and has patented technologies in the use of RFID to provide additional functionalities and benefits to the event organizer and attendees. A passive UHF portal with card and badge size-specific chip-antenna combination provides one of the most cost-effective, automatic, non-obtrusive and non-intrusive attendance monitoring solutions with high accuracy. The range of the monitoring portal has now enhanced to more than 10 ft wide with direct read distances of 15-25 ft.

If the organizer is interested, AVANTE also provides passive HF chip-antenna based on ISO15693 or 14443 along with the UHF chip-based badge for the same purpose with more ease of reading without having to remove badges from badge holders.

Passive Portal in a Room

Some or all of the below applications are covered by one or more of the following US patents:

7,813,934 ( Tracking apparatus and method, as for an exhibition);
7,508,308 (Tracking apparatus and method, as for an exhibition);
6,657,543 ( Tracking method and system, as for an exhibition);

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Besides the patented incorporation of the RFID smart badge and portal in tradeshow and event management, AVANTE also provides the following services:

  • Online attendee registration, fee collection, and reports
  • Hosting services of show or event web-site, and development
  • Onsite attendee registration, fee collection, badge printing, and reports
  • Handheld lead capturing and retrieval readers with printer option
  • Paper based event and show survey and reports
  • Session and CEU attendance tracking and reporting
  • Demographic-based daily and hourly exhibition hall traffic and hall traffic reports
  • Standard 2-D datamatrix badges and lead retrieval systems and services (independent standard services without using RFID)

Registration Booth

Planning a Trade Show or Conference?

Need a better way to know what your attendees are interested in?

AVANTE has the solution for you

Beyond Attendee Registration and Lead Retrieval

AVANTE Patented RFID-Enabled Tradeshow and Event Management Solution

Meetings between buyers and sellers are the fundamentals of any tradeshow success. The web and internet can deliver the contents but can never substitute face to face personal interactions in any meaningful relationship. AVANTE has incorporated RFID badges to provide exhibitor booth alerts for interested attendees as they pass by. This long sought after solution is enabled with the RFID ZONER™ badge that is a combination of active and/or passive RFID technologies.

Besides providing traditional lead retrieval systems and services using standard datamatrix 2-D barcode badges, AVANTE has developed a better, easier, and more effective solution for the events industry. Using our powerful RFID ZONER™-RELAYER™ tracking system, a small non-intrusive reader can be placed at each access point for individual sessions and attendee tags can be read instantly and accurately as they pass through the door. No more lines, no more waiting and even more accurate data gathering to see precisely what your attendees are most interested in. The non-intrusive nature of RFID, tuned to specific nodal read distances, has proven to be both accurate and efficient.

These event or tradeshow badges are read and monitored by RELAYER™ active RFID reader-monitor and/or passive RFID portals. The passive RFID chips and badge antennae may be a patented combination of short range ISO 14443 chips to provide specific attendee data for lead retrieval applications as an optional replacement of the traditional 2-D barcode or magnetic stripe. An additional UHF chip-antenna badge can also be used for non-intrusive and automatic monitoring of session attendance similar to that of the active ZONER tag embedded badge. The positive RFID provides attendance monitoring and optional booth alerts that are of mutual interest to the exhibitor and the attendee.

In the event management industry, understanding the interests of your attendees is a vital part of the planning process. In the past, the use of barcode scanners or mag-stripe card readers had been the standard, but this setup required staff to be placed at each session to scan or swipe an attendee’s information. The result was long lines of attendees waiting to enter a session, wasted time and increased aggravation for everyone involved.

Patented Portals & Zoner-Relayer

Network for Reader Monitor

With the advances of technology, AVANTE Tradeshow and Event Management System has now designed and engineered a technology platform that uses a combination of 2-D datamatrix barcode technology, Bluetooth and WiFi for local area networking and communications, and Cellular broadband and GPRS for wide area networking and communications. The platform of technologies and solutions give the organizers pick-and-choose what they need for their particular requirements in managing their events.