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MyGuide™ Mobile Application is an On-Demand, Personal Tour Guide to ANY exhibit


As a museum patron, one often experiences a sense of loss and disorientation when viewing art or an antique without knowledge of its historical background. Even with a tour guide, the experience is only as good as the guide’s ability to communicate within a restricted time and on limited pieces. We may have hoped for one or more of the following:

  • The curator or actual artist by your side, revealing artistic secrets or unusual details.
  • An “updated” tour guide – explains historical context and cultural significance for objects discussed.
  • Ability to “guide the guide” – access information about pieces of particular interest to you and to enhance your cultural experience.
  • More details than provided by the abstracted and limited text accompanying large exhibitions or written on placards supplementing select pieces.
  • Tours can be noisy with distractions everywhere – your guide might not speak loudly or clearly – other visitors may chat and disturb your experience – you want to “re-wind” and listen again to that snippet or comment – how about skipping ahead?
  • What about botanical gardens? You may be interested to know more about a plant, flower, or tree than the accompanying information, usually limited to name and species.
  • How to quickly and easily receive more data, information, interesting facts and videos on the subject you’re interested in, at a pace and time convenient for you?

Perhaps you’re …

Touring art throughout a museum
Standing in front of a statue or artifact
Visiting a cultural or historical landmark
Discovering nature’s splendor in a lush garden
Enjoying a day at the zoo with exotic and rare animals

MyGuide™ is a mobile application to “re-orient” you and enhance your museum or other experience. Installed on your smart phone, tablet or similar device, MyGuide™ delivers on-demand additional information on specific art works. Content is available via text, audio and other multimedia formats in the language of your choosing.