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Tradeshow and Exhibition Security

Security Challenges in a Tradeshow/Exhibition Environment:

  1. The assets are in multiple transit points at short period of time.
  2. There may be several sets of agents and their staff that may be in contact of the asset.
  3. There are fluxes of potential buyers that may be viewing the arts in less controllable environment.
  4. The temporary nature of the exhibition precludes some of the normal security protection afforded in a more fixed and controlled environment.

Visibility of all exhibited items at all times provides additional layers of protections besides the boundary protections.

Protections of paintings and antiques requires different security devices.

Protection of valuables in exhibition environment requires real-time visibility for the security guards and staff assigned to provide the protection.

Video monitoring with automatic alerts along with other zonal protection sensor-network are important enhancement to the protection of arts in mobile environments.