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PROXI-SHIELD™ for Art and Valuable Assets

Proximity sensors (2)

An object based proximity and security device and system for Real-Time web based monitoring of arts and valuables. Would be comparable to the proverbial “invisible red rope”, alerting your patrons, using various methods, when they get too close to your works of art and other valuables. Simultaneously, alerting central command which work of art might be in jeopardy.

How does PROXI-SHIELD work?

PROXI-SHIELD™ uses covert and overt sensors and ultrasonic for “Open Hours” and Doppler for “Closed Hours”, technology, to detect when a patron or intruder is too close to the work of art.

too close

1) Conditions of the assets tagged with multiple sensors and networks are continuously monitored and stored data is available for auditing.

2) Alerts are automatically sent via SMS to cell phones, email and other designated  means.

3) Video-Radar-Sonic analytics coupled with the sensor networks, including facial recognition software record all events for direct auditing anytime.

4) Web-based for data access anywhere using secured role-based control.

Patrons along with the security command center will be notified of the violation.

Visibility of all exhibited items at all times provides additional layers of protection in addition to boundary line security.