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AVANTE’s ASSET-GUARDIAN™ Solution Covers Many Environments

Over the last 50 years, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has ranked art crime behind only drugs and arms in terms of highest-grossing criminal trades. There are hundreds of thousands of art crimes reported per year; despite this fact the general public only hears about the handful of big-name museum heists that make international headlines.  In Italy alone there are 20,000 to 30,000 thefts reported annually and many more go unreported. 

Large Museums such as The National Gallery of Arts are typically well protected with multi-layered security systems covering exhibition areas and perimeters.egypt_serialized-ticketing-cropped

There are at least three major operating environments in protecting art, antiques and valuables.

Antiquity and artifacts that are associated with the physical site are sometimes tied together. The arts-antiques-assets that were found and located at the site are often required to stay at the same physical location.  The physical security system and measures must be designed to fit the specific environment.

In Museums where arts, antiques and valuables are carefully placed in a fixed site, whereby the physical security system is planned and positioned, the assets are protected by professional security staff.

Trade shows, auctions and sales exhibitions present different challenges including moving assets from location to location quickly and often with last minute changes.  The professional security staff and systems must also be effectively mobile and capable of being reconfigured quickly and often.

AVANTE ASSET-GUARDIAN™ RFID Real-Time Monitoring Protection Security System provides art and other valuable asset theft prevention with unparalleled security and reliability.  ASSET-GUARDIAN™ provides invaluable supplemental security to existing gallery, museum and facility security systems.