Personnel Visibility and Emergency Management

AVANTE Drives the Use of RFID for Personnel Visibility and Emergency Management Application
PRINCETON, NJ – AVANTE Personnel & Asset Visibility System is a patented application using a combination of active and passive RFID badges and tags to provide nodal (under normal working conditions) and real-time locating capabilities for visibility of personnel and assets in a fixed site environment.  The Personnel & Asset Visibility System is applicable for large complexes such as office buildings, college campuses, manufacturing, and government facilities.

Under normal working conditions, personnel badges are used to gain access to gates and doors with specific authorization. Such normal working access events provide the nodal position information for personnel. The system provides information on who is in the building or complex. When the required nodal access points are being monitored, the system indicates which floor or room specific personnel are located. Information is similar to that of current access control cards except the data is collected with non-obtrusive and non-intrusive readers located near the access points next to short range and standard Wiegand access control units. These nodal RFID RELAYERTM readers monitor entering and exiting of bearers of the AVANTE personnel ZONERTM badges within a short distance of 10 ft to provide security without invading privacy.

In the event of personal emergency, personnel bearing an AVANTE personnel ZONERTM badge can initiate a request-for-assistance by pressing on the “panic button.”  For example, if a student in a campus is seeking help because of some unforeseen violence, the badge transmits its request at a long range of over 100 meters. The secondary networks of RFID RELAYERTM readers located in a grid of 100-200 meters provide real-time location of personnel to assist emergency operations.

In case of other emergencies, such as a fire, the system administrator working under the provision of law can initiate the real-time locating feature that alerts the bearers of the personnel badges. In this scenario, the specific network of RFID RELAYERTM readers will initiate a call to all ZONERTM badges within its monitoring area to provide a buzzer sound or message as to the type of emergency and expected action(s). At the same time, the ZONERTM badges will start transmitting at long range power to enable real-time locating capabilities for emergency first responders to help locate those that require assistance.

Are you interested in deploying this solution to facilitate personnel access control and evacuation safety management at your facility?