Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and Car Park Management System


RFID Automatic Vehicle Identification for Car Park Management System and Real-Time Locating System Application

RFID automatic vehicle identification for car park management is one of the best real-time locating system applications in providing a fast return on investment.

This application is similar to the trailer park application where each car is equipped with an active RFID ZONER tag that beacons periodically while a network of active RFID RELAYER readers are used to monitor and derive the location in real-time. Each vehicle occupies a single XY space.  However, unlike the trailer park system, the RFID Car Park Management System provides greater accuracy of small car location identification.

RSSI Chart

Additionally, private vehicle owners typically place their tag inside the windshield instead of on top of the car unlike that of a trailer. This placement position leads to substantial difficulties or inaccuracies in locating the tag using triangulation time-lapsed or the “free signal loss” approach.

Cars Parked

Each car in a park occupies a fixed space. The space is typically small (3×3 meters). While placing the tag inside the windshield is preferred, doing so complicates the triangulation time-lapsed method of location.  AVANTE ZONING and weighed distance analysis using received signal strengths eliminates multi-patch problems for accurate location identification of well within one meter.

Car Parking Deck

Indoor car parks with multiple levels could present even more challenges for the standard triangulation time-lapsed method. Again, AVANTE ZONING and weighted distance analysis using received signal strength bypasses the multi-path problems for accuracy well within one meter.

Please refer to the following links for other specific applications using this patented RFID real-time locating system:

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and Car Park Management System Using AVANTE RFID Real-Time Locating System

AVANTE Automatic Vehicle Identification and Car Park Management Systems incorporate a patented real-time locating system based on dynamic zoning and received signal strength indication (RSSI). Each vehicle is tagged with an active ZONER-ASID tag that beacons periodically with a programmable read distance of up to 3000 ft.

Car Fleet

Secure Hands-Free Parking Lot Access Control and Fee Management

  • The longer read distance and received signal strength determination of proximity to the gate enables hands-free access to enhance the user experience and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Automatic processing of parking fees based on different categories and/or levels of users.
  • Improved efficiency and more cost effectiveness versus traditional swipe cards.
  • Automatic access control into and out of parking lots with the active ZONER-ASID increases customer safety and security.
  • For higher security requirements, additional owner and personnel ZONER-GPID coupled with automatic vehicle identification can dramatically increase security and prevent theft of luxury vehicles.

School Bus Fleet

Real-Time Locating Function for Vehicle Fleet Management

  • A network of active RFID RELAYER-RTLS readers positioned approximately 1 kilometer or 3000 ft apart are used to provide dynamic zone mapping based on received signal strength.
  • Accurate location of vehicles is mapped to within 10-20 ft even in large parking lots. The installation of more readers can increase accuracy to 3-9 ft.
  • Helps to locate vehicles quickly for greater staff efficiency.
  • Helps to manage defined space parking.

Yard Management

The AVANTE Car Park Management System is ideally suited for managing car fleets, buses and vehicles within large or small parking lots.

The AVANTE Car Park Management System is also applicable for trailer yard management.